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Client: ACT Wireless
Knowledge Provider: Northern Regional College
Sector: Advanced Engineering

ACT Wireless

Founded and incorporated in Belfast (UK) in 2010, ACT Wireless is a privately held start-up company, managed by Jonathan McQuiston (Managing Director).

Wireless Wireless They have developed a complete wireless innovation system called activCampus to offer dependable, continuous localisation of people and assets. The activCampus real-time localisation system (RTLS) consists of the web browser-based activServer software, networked RF readers and ultra-compact tags (in either key fob or ID-badge format).

Activated every few seconds, the tags ensure ultra-high resolution over a multi-year lifetime. Potential applications include tracking of employees, patients, students, visitors and equipment. Other proposed applications include road tolling and road user charging through smart vehicle usage verification.

About the Case

The aim of this project is to lend expertise in legislation and meeting CE regulations, to assist the company in attaining CE approval for their RFID readers and also the complementary RFID tags. This includes researching, declaring and documenting the required steps to achieve the CE mark for both devices (RFID reader and RFID tags), then developing and verifying Technical files for each device to demonstrate how they meet the European Union standards and directive requirements.

About the Knowledge Provider

Dr. Philip A. Catherwood has supported this project using allocated hours each week from his timetable which is funded through the ConnectED2 programme. Dr Catherwood is an Electrical Engineering Lecturer and having working for 2 years as a part time lecturer at the University of Ulster is now working for the Northern Regional College on the Coleraine campus. Additionally having using his 9 years industrial experience as a wireless Communications design Engineer and his connections with industry he has been able to bring skills to this project which has been invaluable to the company. Dr Catherwood has had previous experience with QUB and together with his contacts has made the three way connection seamless.

The Results

NRC met with ACT wireless staff on a number of occasions to discuss what they require, an in-depth investigation has been conducted to verify which EU directives must be met by the two products. This work has produced a concise list of regulations against which each of the devices must be tested. Additionally, the technical files required for CE approval are being constructed. From 18th December 2012, the project has been completed as far as possible; all that remains is for ACTWireless to add test results obtained with the use of Queen’s University Belfast’s equipment to the Technical files. This project has provided a very valuable service to ACTwireless in helping to bring their product to the market place much more quickly by utilizing the expertise of NRC with no additional costs.

Contact Details of Knowledge Provider:

Knowledge Provider Name: Northern regional College
Contact Name Alan Reid
Telephone number: 028 2566 4249

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