BMET & Moneen Medicare

The Hannon Clinic developed a new medical product with the help of BMET. Tapping into a wealth of knowledge and support within the college proved vital to the success of this project.

About the Case – The Challenge

Entrepreneur Dympna Hannon has over twelve years of experience in helping clients with pain management through both traditional and alternative therapies. 

Through her businesses, The Hannon Clinic and Moneen Medicare, Dympna identified the market need for a product which supports people who experience lower back pain caused by strain being put on the back by the abdomen. This issue presented in multiple clients for a variety of reasons including obesity, excess skin caused by weight loss, loss of tone of the abdomen muscles and pregnancy. 

Moneen Medicare sought to develop a wearable product which would act as a sling to support the abdomen and take the strain off the lower back, thus alleviating or reducing pain for the user.  The product would be designed to be worn while the cause of the problem is addressed and resolved.


The Solution 

BMET, through the Connected programme worked to support Moneen Medicare through the research stage leading to two successful Innovation Voucher applications leading to the development of prototypes for manufacture.

Following on from the delivery of the Innovation Vouchers, further work was completed with the business through Connected. Through this project BMET took the draft prototypes and worked with the business to digitalise the patterns to CAD files, allowing Moneen Medicare to expand the product offering into multiple sizes as well as adapting the pattern to generate an extra fastening and finalise grading. As a direct result of the Connected programme support, Dympna is now in possession of a full set of digital patterns for manufacture as well as a plan to bring the product to market.

The work carried out by BMET, through both the Innovation Vouchers scheme and the Connected Programme have been extremely valuable to me in the development of my innovative ideas for pain relief.  Not only was I able to access the expertise needed to design and create the prototypes, working with the team at BMET has helped me keep focused on the project and keep the momentum with it, something that is very hard to do when you are self-employed and a sole trader.  Margaret at BMET is a wealth of knowledge in how, and where to find help to move your ideas forward, and Lorna’s understanding of my concept and how to bring it to life is clearly proven in the prototypes that have been developed, that I can now carry out a larger scale test and review on the prototype.  Thank you to all at BMET who have helped me on my journey.

Company Testimonial