NWRC and 6 Elements develop Water kefit kit

Local company 6 Elements Nutrition required assistance of NWRC on making the dream of developing their water kefir product viable to sell into a reality.

About the Case - The Challenge

The company wanted to develop flavoured water kefit kits to improve the wellbeing of consumers and break into a new market to provide products that improve, boost and help health through improving gut microbiome and thus overall health.  Water kefir is naturally dairy free and would be suitable for vegetarians, vegans and anyone who has a milk intolerance who is unable to have traditional kefir products which consist or milk.


The Solution

6 Elements Nutrition were supported on the development of water kefir with aim to sell at local markets around Northern Ireland. Jordan from the company received support from NWRC to develop orange, turmeric and ginger water kefir and raspberry kefir inclusive of development, recipe standardisation, packaging support, understanding HACCP, shelf-life review, product labelling, nutritional information and identification and control of allergens. Innovation in food is seen as a key driver for growth and the Foodovation team at NWRC is currently helping numerous SME food entrepreneurs like 6 Elements Nutrition to improve their businesses and develop new products, by delivering help in such areas as new product development, market research, operational and process improvement and food safety. 

The support I received from Christina Perry at Foodovation has enabled me to confidently launch my new venture of water kefir into local markets.  The knowledge and guidance provided by Foodovation on legislation and requirements as well as labelling and packaging support has been excellent.  I would encourage any small business to harness the business support programmes offered by NWRC.

Jordan Hardway 6 Elements Nutrition.