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The company work with NWRC for validation and enhancing the design of their innovative product - Maragoo Safeguard.

About the Case - The Challenge 

This company wanted to both validate and enhance their product Safeguard - an innovative solution that was designed specifically for enhanced levels of personal safety. The company work with NWRC for validation and enhancing the design of their innovate product - Maragoo Safeguard. 

Phil Brady from An Margadh Limited was initially involved with the eCareWell project; a funded project with Ulster University as leading partner and with the DIAL Centre NWRC to provide digital health solutions for carers across Northern Ireland. A key aim of this project was to provide solutions to carers, to help manage their own health and wellbeing needs. Phil introduced his technology to carers who were involved in the eCareWell project, and as a result, was able to obtain both validation of the product and valuable feedback that has since provided design enhancements to the product. To further increase awareness, and to extend the opportunity for individuals including members of the public, RNIB and other technology innovators, Phil participated in the Design for Digital Inclusion event, - a Connected NI funded event in the DIAL Centre in NWRC. 

The Solution 

Through the showcase and demonstration at the DIAL Centre, Phil was able to not only network with those from his sector and also received feedback that has helped to enhance the design of Safeguard. By demonstrating to members of the public and those with visual impairments, the feedback has provided Phil the opportunity to improve and redesign his product. The support that Phil received at this event opened a work of knowledge and expertise. He found the feedback invaluable and would not have otherwise been able to access such a vast pool of potential users in the timescale that he did, this has really enabled him to leapfrog his product development.   

The support, interaction with real end-users and respected feedback received from NWRC, eCareWell and the carers in the community has been invaluable to the continued evolution of the Maragoo Safeguard solution. From simply speaking to carers and attendees of the recent DIAL event our attention was brought to simple design changes we could make to ensure the solution is suitable for all. I would encourage any business to harness the skills and knowledge offered by NWRC.

Phil Brady