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Client: Composites Recycling
Knowledge Provider: Belfast Metropolitan College
Sector: Advanced Manufacturing and Advanced Materials

Composites Recycling

The recycling of composite materials has become a hot topic in engineering terms in recent years. Forthcoming legislation in all industries in the areas of landfill, design directives, etc are forcing the composites industry to examine practical methods of composite recycling. Indeed, in many cases, companies have found novel ways to process their waste by either selling it to other industries to recuperate costs or to recycle and use the material within other product lines in their business. Through Connected, Belfast Met have established a recycling working group composed of various businesses, academia and local investment bodies.

Composites Recycling Composites Recycling

About the Case

Belfast Met established the working group during late 2012 in an effort to establish cross-collaboration in the area of composites recycling. It has been suggested for example, that some manufacturers in the high value industries could recycle their waste for use as a raw material in the lower value industries and as an input for various aspects of Northern Ireland’s thriving polymer industry.

About the Knowledge Provider

Belfast Metropolitan College is a National Skills Academy accredited Centre of Excellence for Composites. This means that the College has achieved high standards in the services and training provided to local industry through experienced and trained staff, excellent facilities and the right support structures. The College offers training of all kinds in the area of composite materials as well as product manufacturing on in our high-tech workshop and manufacturing consultancy.

The Results

An excellent working relationship between various companies has been established as a result of the group with the majority now focusing on the development of strategies and long term recycling targets within their business. A number or collaborative business-university projects are also being investigated as a result of the collaborations.

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