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Invest NI Innovation Vouchers

Invest NI
A little voucher could make a big difference.

Just think. What could £5000 do for your business?

A lot more than you might imagine if you’re a small or medium sized business wanting to get that extra edge, or struggling with an issue that needs expert help to solve.
An Invest Northern Ireland Innovation Voucher lets you tap into specialist knowledge to develop forward-thinking solutions or ideas to expand, improve or create new products, services and processes that will help you compete more effectively.

You can team up with one of 39 respected universities, colleges and research organisations throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. These are called Knowledge Providers.

The programme is as flexible as it is straightforward, letting you access expertise for many kinds of innovation projects.

Please note, however, that if there is a solution to your issue that is readily available from the private sector then it is unlikely that a voucher will be awarded.

Why wait? Get £5000 of our best brainpower working for your business.

For more Information please go to the following website:

Further Information on Innovation Vouchers can be found here.


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