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Client: New World
Knowledge Provider: Northern Regional College
Sector: Advanced Engineering

New World

New World is a very successful and innovative company located in Co Antrim Northern Ireland and manufactures a range of uPVC door panels, GRP composite doors, fire doors, decorative glass units and commercial glass.

new world new world

About the Case

The company approached Northern Regional College, seeking assistance with their manufacturing operations. New World wished to invest in automation equipment to assist with a steady increase in orders and focus on quality improvements. With little experience of industrial robotics they sought Knowledge Transfer from the industrial robotics staff within the NRC Centre of Excellence in Manufacturing Engineering.

About the Knowledge Provider

Northern Regional College has campuses in Ballymema, Ballymoney, Coleraine, Larne Magherafelt and Newtownabbey. In additional to the extensive range of Further and Higher Education Courses the Economic Team at the college aims to encourage economic development by supporting companies, wheather large or small, in the social economy sector, private or public sector, to help them find solutions to their training and business development needs.The Northern Regional College is a recognised Centre of Excellence in Manufacturing Engineering. Since its establishment in 2000, the award winning centre based at Ballymena Campus has developed its expertise and resources in the area of manufacturing engineering and developed the range of services offered to industry. It was this centre that was best suited to address the needs of local company New World.

Through the Northern Regional College¸Northern Ireland Industry now has access to a Centre with modern engineering resources and expertise to support their business development. Knowledge transfer is offered in the areas of computer aided design (CAD), computer numerical control (CNC), CAD/CAM, coordinate measurement (CMM), robotics, rapid prototyping, pneumatics, electro-pneumatics and hydraulics, programmable logic controllers (PLC) and electrical and mechanical maintenance programmes. All the Centre services can be tailored to create bespoke training solutions to meet the specific needs of industry.

The Results

NRC staff led a project which identified key areas within the business which lend themselves to the utilisation of industrial robots. Specifications for robotic solutions in key areas were produced, potential suppliers were identified and (ROI) return on investment calculations detailed as part of the project. New World now has plans to invest in industrial robot solutions to assist their business as a direct result of this Knowledge Transfer project with NRC.

Asa McGillian Managing Director of New World said:
"New World engaged with the NRC to see if we could undertake an automation feasibility study together, and we have been greatly impressed by the results. Through their placement of Bill Watson once a week for a flexible period he helped us to understand the complexities of robotic cells in greater depth as well as conduct a detailed study into our production processes and determine which processes were suitable for automation. We fully intend to automate production cells in the future."