SERC Leading Provider of CMI Leadership & Management 

With the support of Connected, SERC held a celebration event, showcasing its expertise as a leading provider of CMI Leadership and Management training and bespoke programmes for industry.

In the last three years SERC has upskilled over 1,200 individuals in leadership and management, helping local companies to build the capacity within their workforces to embed innovation and realise performance or productivity improvements from the same. The event was attended by CMI graduates and a range of local employers who have supported the development of their staff.

SERC has been awarded CMI Training Partner of the Year and Linda was nominated for Student of the Year at the 2023 awards.  

My CMI Level 7 course provided me with a unique opportunity to explore the strategic context of my organisation and team. I was finally able to be innovative in my practice and really make a difference, not only to my own work performance but also to my team’s and to the organisation as a whole.

Linda McKendry, Director of Services at Compass Advocacy Network.