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Client: Norbrook Laboratories
Knowledge Provider: Southern Regional College
Sector: Advanced Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing and Advanced Materials

Norbrook Laboratories

Norbrook Laboratories

Norbrook Norbrook Since its foundation over 40 years ago, Norbrook Laboratories has grown to be one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies specializing in the development of revolutionary veterinary and animal health medicines. Innovation and a commitment to novel research and revolutionary processes and products are seen as the cornerstone of the company’s success. Norbrook Laboratories is expanding their workforce with a commitment to employ a further 400 new staff over the next 2 years.

About the case

Norbrook collaborated with SRC to develop a suit of apprenticeship programmers that will provide them with a highly skilled workforce to build new talent for the future. Research Lecturer for Applied Science, Dr Gillian Lambe has supported Norbrook by providing professional advice and developing a curriculum to suit the needs of the company. Dr Gillian Lambe selected appropriate units and developed a suitable delivery model. Southern Regional College assisted with the recruitment and selection of the Apprentices and they will complete their qualifications by attending the College on a day release basis.

Norbrook is further collaborating with Southern Regional College and the University of Ulster to develop a higher Level 5 Apprenticeship in Life and Chemical Sciences to commence in 2014.

About the Knowledge Provider

The i3 Centre at Southern Regional College is dedicated to providing specialist support, innovative solutions and practical advice to assist the needs of local businesses. Working in collaboration with over 1,000 companies annually SRC delivers a range of programmes to support employer needs. These include training and skills development, bespoke mentoring, research and development and knowledge transfer provision, to help businesses enhance their skillset and improve competitiveness. The diverse range of services available are delivered by a professional team of industry experts and much of this support is either wholly or partly funded through various programmes. The i3 team is staffed by Research Lectures and Business Development Officers that can respond efficiently to employer requests and offer flexible, tailored programmes to suit the specific needs of each individual business.

The Results

Norbrook has recruited a cohort of Apprentices due to commence training with Southern Regional College in January 2014. Work is continuing to develop a pilot Higher Level Apprenticeship programme that will provide opportunities to train at a higher level and offer a direct progression route for those that have achieved. This will enable Southern Regional College to offer an industry relevant curriculum and satisfy the demand for a science skilled workforce as the industry continues to grow.

Lord Ballyedmond, Chairman of Norbrook Laboratories said, “The apprenticeship programme developed in partnership with Southern Regional College provides a significant opportunity for young people to embark on an exciting career within the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr Stephen Farry Minister for Employment and Learning commented, “The work that Southern Regional College is currently undertaking with Norbrook is an example of how our Further Education colleges can work in partnership with local business and industry. The development of science related apprenticeships is important for the future of our young people and for the local economy. It is hoped that the development of apprenticeships at Level 2 and 3 will lead to piloting a higher level apprenticeship at Level 5 from September 2014. This development will enable young people to progress through the skills ladder and to obtain degree level qualifications through employment.”

Contact Details of Knowledge Provider:
Knowledge Provider Name: Southern Regional College
Contact Name: Laura Kavanagh
Telephone Number: 028 3839 7778

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