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Northern Ireland Creative Hitech Expo - South West College Enniskillen

01 April 2018

Northern Ireland Creative Hitech Expo


Northern Ireland Creative Hitech Expo (NICHE) took place on Tuesday 20th March this year in South West College, Enniskillen Campus. The hugely successful event was a celebration of digital creativity and brought together experts from the fields of 3D art, animation and visual effects.

Over 100 attendees took part in a series of workshops, panel discussions and keynote addresses to help focus their own digital creative skills. South West College Creative Technologies department, in conjunction with the Department for Communities and Connected NI sought to attract inspirational speakers from across the UK.

Those present included Elyse Gymer (Creative Assembly), Johann Tann (Creative Assembly), Ben Keeling (Rocksteady) and other well known faces often found streaming digital creativity on the Twitch platform.

The expo is founded in digital creativity but seeks to not only appeal to those actively working in that sector, but to raise awareness of opportunities for traditional sectors of the economy to diversify their business functions and embrace digital creativity as a way of working. Feedback from the event was extremely positive with both speakers and attendees commenting on how valuable the day was for them.

South West College, in its continual commitment to supporting digital creativity, are planning to hold similar events in the future. For information on future events contact