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School of Construction & the Built Environment attend training in Thermography

04 March 2013

Thermal image SRC In March 2013 SRC acquired a FLIR T440 Thermal Image Camera and through the connected project Bronagh Harte, a research lecturer within the School of Construction & the Built Environment, was able to attend a Level 1 Thermography training course delivered through the Infrared Training Centre or ITC.

The course offers certification training to recognised standards and is an accredited Authorised Training Organisation (ATO) for the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing (BINDT) as per the requirements of ISO 18436. BINDT is an accredited certification body offering personnel certification against criteria set out in International and European standards.

Through this course Bronagh was able to learn about the basics of infrared, how to operate the camera under different conditions and for various purposes, how to do an appropriate judgement of the measurement situation in the field and identify potential error sources.

Industry research has indicated that thermography is a crucial non invasive form of building analysis which will significantly compliment the work SRC are engaged in with industry as well as enrich the current and new curriculum offering within the school.

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