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SRC staff within the School of Construction & the Built Environment successful complete BIM & Revit training

26 February 2013

In February 2013 six staff from the School of Construction and the Built Environment within SRC successfully completed training in BIM or Building Information Modelling based at SRC’s Portadown Campus, delivered by Paradigm Education and funded through the Connected Project.

SRC collaborated with colleagues in SERC demonstrating great collegiality as staff from SERC’s construction department also attended the 3 day training course which also included an introduction to new software Revit Architecture.

Revit software is emerging as the key software in supporting Building Information Modelling or BIM and offers architects, engineers, contractors and building owners industry specific tools to improve collaboration, make decisions faster, carry out clash detection, predict building performance and enable complete building systems design and analysis and through this training staff from both SRC & SERC received an excellent introduction to both BIM & Revit which can now be applied to the delivery of industry specific training throughout existing curriculum and also furnish staff with relevant up to dates skills and know how to help inform the development of new training to industry.