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Client: SWC & CADShare
Knowledge Provider: South West College
Sector: Creative and Digital Media

SWC & CADShare

Recently an opportunity presented itself for collaboration between CADShare and South West College

cadshare cadshare About the Case

Founded in the realm of digital creativity and developed within the scaffold of Connected, a partnership between the two institutions was forged. This collaboration drew on the inherent strengths of both organisations and allowed for the development of a bespoke, innovative and highly unique creative solution.
About the knowledge provider

CADShare are a dynamic, modern and forward looking company that wished to explore the realm of digital communication in virtual space. A concept was developed whereby engineers could collaboratively share and discuss design decisions harnessing virtual reality as a platform for communication. South West College, using its expertise in 3D design, computer game development and virtual worlds utilised the Unity game engine to develop a robust solution with potential for future expansion. Lead developer Paul McGovern commented "the project aligns digital creativity with scientific practice, it's a great example of hybrid problem solving."

Chris Acheson CEO of CADShare outlined his thoughts on the project.
“Our mission at CADshare is to empower distributed engineering teams to collaborate effectively from remote locations. We wanted to explore the use of virtual reality in this space, by combining modern gaming technology with 3-D engineering CAD models. The ability for engineers and designers to virtually place themselves inside the building or facility they are designing has huge potential for collaboration and risk mitigation. With this project our objective was to investigate the technical complexities of making this possible and to create a prototype that we could bring to the market for feedback”

The project presented South West College with a unique opportunity to highlight the creative skills of staff. The College had an opportunity to put recent investment into good use. In particular the project uses Oculus Rift headsets and modern game engines to develop a unique solution to a real world communication problem.

Carol Viney Deputy Head of Technology, commented .South West College was delighted to collaborate with CADShare in this innovative project. There is increasing demand for digital creatives to become involved in Engineering and Medical projects for 3D Environments and Games. This is an excellent example of ConnectEd funding enabling industry to benefit from high level skills within the FE/HE Sectors.

The results
As a result of the collaboration a new innovative platform for effective distributed communication has been developed. Users can explore a 3D virtual environment in real time using Oculus Rift technology. While this project relates to a specific 3D space, the concept is potentially applicable to any 3D environment. Moreover text based information relating to materials, structural design, prices etc can be applied to specific objects within the scene. This in turn allows for virtual walkthroughs of 3D spaces with information on key structures provided.

The collaboration highlights the importance Connected plays in providing a strategic framework to support modern business and how interaction between organisations can strengthen business function within the province.

Contact Details of Knowledge Provider:

Knowledge Provider Name: South West College
Contact Name: Paul McGovern

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