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29 January 2021

The Open University


The Open University based in Belfast recently hosted a showcase event, looking at the work from across the four nations of the OU.  Focusing on the two key research institutes within the OU, the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) and the Knowledge Media Institute (KMI), this event showcased the partnerships between the OU, education providers, government, and industry. 

The key academics speakers, Alan Fletcher, Business Development and Laboratory Manager at the Knowledge Media Institute (KMI) highlighted some aspects of the OU’s work across several domains with a focus on collaboration between academic, government and industry to consider the value that this brings to all parties.  Whilst, Martin Weller, Professor of Educational Technology, focused on the work of the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at the OU and how it researches the impact of educational technology, including learning analytics, assessment, open education resources and MOOCs. Martin also highlighted the latest Innovating Pedagogy report which annually examines trends in education.

The Open University in Ireland will be seeking to explore these potential collaborations further in the next few months and strengthen the offering of the OU in Northern Ireland. 

For more information about knowledge exchange activity across the OU in Ireland contact Imelda Haran, Knowledge Exchange Manager, at:

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