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Client: Bombardier/NRC - KUKA Robotics Development
Knowledge Provider: Northern Regional College
Sector: Advanced Engineering

Bombardier/NRC - KUKA Robotics Development

In 1989, Short Brothers plc (Shorts) was acquired by Bombardier from the UK Government. Since then, with investment of just under £1.8 billion by Bombardier, the company has have become an integral part of the world's third largest civil aircraft manufacturer.

Bombardier Bombardier The investment continues today in across Bombardier’s capabilities, manufacturing facilities, processes and technologies. Areas of expertise include the design, manufacture and support of large aircraft structures in metal and advanced composites.

About the Case

Bombardier identified a skills shortage that existed within their organisation in relation to the use of industrial robots for aircraft manufacturing. They were keen to establish a relationship locally with a provider of industrial robotics training/development and identified Northern Regional College as being the N.Ireland leading provider of this support.
Bombardier has plans to utilise robots, where possible, to improve manufacturing efficiencies and reduce aircraft production costs. The NIACE building in Belfast provides research & development in this area.
After initial contact, NRC where invited to view the robotic facilities and enter into discussions with Bombardier Strategic Technology staff (NIACE building). NRC staff (William Watson) attended intense KUKA Robot manufacturer training and set about developing bespoke KUKA robotics training courses with Bombardier to deliver to their staff.

About the Knowledge Provider

Northern Regional College Manufacturing Engineering Department has enjoyed good industrial relations with most of the local manufacturing companies across N.Ireland and globally. It has become the leading provider of Industrial Robotics Programmes in N.Ireland delivering bespoke programmes on a range of robot manufacturer systems to a large number of industrial robotics users across N.Ireland and beyond. All of the lecturing staff within the engineering department have a breadth of industrial experience prior to lecturing.
NRC utilise a range of robot systems for training provision in their Manufacturing Engineering Centre of Excellence in Ballymena and also on site.

The Results

NRC was able to offer a lecturer to spend time developing the course material at Bombardier. The first course was delivered in July 2012 with additional courses delivered in Dec 2012. Plans exist to further develop additional training programmes for delivery in 2013 with additional equipment and additional robots.

Contact Details of Knowledge Provider:
Knowledge Provider Name: Northern Regional College
Contact Name: Alan Reid
Telephone number: 028 2566 4249

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