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SWC EPIC Creative Problem Solving Workshop

03 February 2022

SWC EPIC Creative Problem Solving Workshop

SWC successfully delivered a Design Thinking Workshop earlier this month using their new EPIC Creative Problem-Solving model.  The development of this problem-solving model was made possible with funding from Connected, the funding allowed the team at SWC to work on the creation of this model which they are now rolling out to industry. 

This workshop was delivered to staff in the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council.  The Council had set a challenge to develop a Communication and Education Programme for their Climate Change & Sustainable Development strategy and action plan.  This involved bringing a range of staff together from the areas of Waste, Street Scenes, Biodiversity, Community Planning, Marketing and Climate Change & Sustainable Development.

College staff working on the college’s own One Planet Living programme also took part in the workshop to share experience and good practice.

The EPIC team of Gemma Dunn, Rebecca Boylan and Shauna Hunter led the Council team through the steps of the model using a number of interactive and engaging activities to develop collaboration, critical thinking, idea generation, prototyping and improvement. The Council team were guided and supported through the EPIC process to generate a wide range of possible solutions and a range of specific actions with timescales for their challenge.

Participants left with a simple structured process, and a set of tools and techniques to use when dealing with any problem.

Celine McCartan, Director of Corporate Services & Governance, said “The EPIC workshop gave our staff team a very practical tool to collaborate and generate solutions. Using EPIC rapidly resulted in a swathe of useful actions to further our Climate Change Action Plan.”

If you want to learn more about the SWC EPIC Creative Problem-Solving tool or are interested in attending one of our workshops, please contact Shauna Hunter on

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