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Client: Development of Induction Generator ‘On Load’ Test rigs
Knowledge Provider: Northern Regional College
Sector: Advanced Engineering

Development of Induction Generator ‘On Load’ Test rigs

Development of Induction Generator ‘On Load’ Test rigs

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About the Company

Established in 1973, Grants Electrical Services continue to lead the way in the supply of quality electrical services to a range of industries. Traditionally AC and DC motor rewind specialists, Grants range of services has been carefully developed to now provide, electrical contracting, specialist switchgear installation, and a range of electronic and control equipment.

About the Case

The government is encouraging the use of renewable energy and has set a target that 40% of electricity produced in Northern Ireland will be from renewable sources. Grants Electrical is part of the Wind Alliance Group who aim to develop wind turbine aspects such as maintenance and installation. Within this framework, Grants wish to have the capability to test induction wind turbine generators with loads up to 500kW. As a first step, NRC have assisted Grants with a scaled test rig(1KW) to demonstrate its operation. Based on the success of this design the college is now assisting in the up scaling to a fully functioning 500KW testing rig.

The stages of this are laid out below:

1. Investigate and build a small scale (<1kw) induction generator test rig at NRC using existing equipment.
2. In co-operation with Grants, build a larger scaled (10-30kw) rig and test its operation at Mallusk using existing equipment.
3. Up scale the smaller test rig trials to implement a 100-500kw test rig using existing equipment.

About the Knowledge Provider

Northern Regional College Manufacturing Engineering Department has enjoyed good industrial relations with most of the local manufacturing companies across N.Ireland and globally. All of the lecturing staff within the engineering department have a breadth of industrial experience prior to lecturing. Geoff Tweed who is collaborating with Grants Electrical has worked as an engineer in shipbuilding and other organisations for 16 years and has gained an extensive knowledge of electrical systems.

The Results

NRC through the Connected project is able to offer a lecturer to spend time with Grants Electrical in developing a larger version of the ‘Load’ test rig to evaluate and gain a better understanding of its performance. This is currently underway with second stage medium machines at Mallusk and should be completed over the next few months, prior to large machine testing.

Contact Details of Knowledge Provider:
Knowledge Provider Name: Northern Regional College
Contact Name: Alan Reid
Telephone number: 028 2566 4249

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