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EOGB Donate new Sapphire liquid Fuel Boiler to SERC to support training at the College

08 December 2021

EOGB & SERC - Zero Carbon Appliance

A new domestic heating appliance donated by EOGB is set to give South Eastern Regional College (SERC) students, apprentices and local SMEs the latest skills on low carbon heating technology. 

Stephen Glover, Training and Innovation Consultant at SERC said, “We are delighted to have Sapphire, which is new to market, as part of the resources at SERC.  This addition ensures that our students have access to training to the latest industry standards and are skilled up on low carbon heating technology using  OpenTherm for smart connectivity, ready to meet the demands for clean air and environmental strategies in the industry.”    

The boiler was unveiled at the College’s Newtownards Campus in a knowledge exchange event attended by SERC’s Zero Carbon team and representatives from industry and local SMEs.   It is part of a wider programme supported by Connected which enables the transfer of knowledge on key industry developments. SERC is expanding its provision in the areas of carbon reduction and energy conservation by use of renewables and low carbon design/management to help local businesses deliver against the forthcoming NI Energy Strategy. 


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