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Client: Holywell Consultancy Secures InvestNI Innovation Voucher
Knowledge Provider: North West Regional College

Holywell Consultancy Secures InvestNI Innovation Voucher

About the Company Holywell Consultancy is a social economy company that works to meet the engagement, evaluation, planning, and facilitation and training needs of community, private and public organisations. The company offers a range of consultancy services with expertise in a number of areas including, project evaluation, social research, cultural tourism, and public consultation.

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About the Case

The company had identified the need to develop an interface that would enable community and voluntary sector organisations better manage, evaluate, monitor and report on projects and initiatives, which they deliver. They propose to implement a “web-based” subscription service which will enable community and voluntary groups to manage their projects more effectively in terms of qualitative and financial information; engage more effectively with their clients and key target groups; monitor the delivery of their projects in line with the targets set and evaluate and report on the impact of their projects and activities.

About the Knowledge Provider

North West Regional College offers a responsive and pro-active approach to business services.  By working in partnership, the college helps their clients achieve a more competitive edge, meet business needs and have a more effective customer focus. One of the college’s primary business outreach projects is the EPiCentre.  The EpiCentre aims to build infrastructure for an innovation and technology transfer capability through the creation of an environment that will assist in developing a diverse and robust industrial base in the Northwest region. More specifically the centre has the expertise and capacity to deliver practical solutions to industrial problems, working in partnership with academics and researchers, demonstrating best practice in technology transfer.

The Results

Robbie Hegarty at NWRC explains “Currently there are no existing online services or ‘off the shelf’ software solutions which cover all of the areas proposed.  The first step in this project is to compile a comprehensive technical requirements audit and report what would be needed to realise the exact requirements of a “simple, easy to use” system.  Holywell Consultancy understand the requirements of the market-place and have developed relationships with key funders and other stakeholders, but lack the technical knowledge to build and deliver such a system.  That’s were we at North West Regional College come in. With support from Connected I have been able to spend time with Holywell and identify a simple yet innovative solution. We have the expertise and know-how that the company requires and with the support from InvestNI through their Innovation Voucher scheme, Holywell can now buy into our expertise”.

To contact NWRC: Kieron Lavery 028 71 276994 email


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Contact: Kieron Lavery
Tel: 028 71 276994

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