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Client: Kan Teq
Knowledge Provider: Queen's University
Sector: Advanced Manufacturing and Advanced Materials

Kan Teq

PPRC worked with local company Kan Teq to undertake a material testing comparative study.

Kan Body Protector Kan Body Protector

About the Company

The company was founded by Wendy McCaughan from Killinchy in Co Down.

“KanTeq was formed in 2005 when I saw an opportunity in the market to develop a body protector that incorporated advanced technology with the need to develop an equestrian body protector that was not bulky, uncomfortable , performance limiting and unflattering to the female form.”

Wendy McCaughan


About the Knowledge Provider

Queen’s University Belfast plays an invaluable role in supporting the local polymer industry and is regarded as one of the world’s leading research facilities in polymer processing. The Polymer Processing Research Centre (PPRC) has an international reputation for delivering high quality research that combines both practical applications and real-life relevance. The research staff in PPRC work with industrial and academic partners across the world in developing new processes and innovative products and provide input to the implementation of new technologies

About the Case

Kan Teq used and Invest NI Innovation Voucher to work with PPRC in identifying materials suitable for use in body protectors worn in equestrian sports to prevent injury in the event of a fall or kick from a horse. Having worked as a design consultant to military bullet proof vest manufacturing companies to improve body armour, company founder and entrepreneur Wendy McCaughan, drew upon her experience of competing in equine sports and formed a partnership with Knox, a leading motorcycle protective wear company, to develop the KAN body protector. Incorporating KNOX HR advanced smart foam technology, chosen for its impact absorption properties, the product addresses the need for a protector that is slim and comfortable, its flattering to the female form and does not limit performance. The result: The KAN body protector is the first in the world to incorporate smart foam technology used in motorcycle protection in equestrian sport protective wear.

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Contact: Denise Price
Tel: 028 90 974706

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