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Client: Queen's collaborating alongside Modern Efficient Design Ltd
Knowledge Provider: Queen's University
Sector: Advanced Engineering

Queen's collaborating alongside Modern Efficient Design Ltd

Modern Efficient Design Ltd (MED Ltd) was set up in 2012 by two school teachers, Sam Sinclair and John Titterington.

NITC QUB NITC QUB About the Company
Through their own experience in the classroom they had identified an issue of how iPads were used to display student work and experiments, with it being difficult to hold the iPad steady enough to show these effectively. They set about coming up with an idea for a simple and affordable solution and came up with the idea for their product, padvu. The product is a versatile yet simple stand allowing the iPad to be securely held and used to project a live stream of the camera viewing area within the classroom.

After research and testing MED Ltd had come up with a design they felt would work and had product made but production problems almost derailed the entire project. At that point they looked to gain assistance and came into initial contact with the Northern Ireland Technology Centre (NITC) at Queen’s University.

About the Case

Supported by the Connected programme the NITC met with MED Ltd to discuss the issues they were having with the padvu product including the manufacturing issues, and to identify the most appropriate ways to move the product development on further. This led to the company successfully applying for an innovation voucher from Invest NI.

Through this innovation voucher the NITC were able to work closely with the company to assess the design of the product and the most appropriate manufacturing methods. The work included:

• Carrying out a full design review of the product to identify improvements
• Choosing the most appropriate manufacturing method, in this case injection moulding
• Carrying out full scale design for manufacture (DFM) on the product to make it designed suitably for the moulding process
• Generating 3D CAD rendered visual imagery suitable for presenting the product
• Linking the company in with a local injection moulding supplier for potential future supply

The Results
MED Ltd benefited significantly from working with the NITC. The padvu product design was developed to be appropriate for the injection moulding process with added product features such as strengthening ribs for stability, assembly fit features and product branding, and to be much more aesthetically pleasing for commercial sale.

Further discussions led to the company successfully applying for further funding through an available proof of concept scheme allowing them to develop prototype tooling and move towards full product launch. The padvu product has now launched successfully and is available for purchase on the company’s website as well as through Amazon. The product is now being sold in hundreds of schools in NI, Scotland, England and Wales, as well as a recent order from an international school in Dubai. MED Ltd hope the success of padvu will lead them to develop more products in the future and gain further assistance through networks such as those supported by the Connected Programme.

“MED Ltd found working with the NITC at Queen’s University extremely helpful in developing our product to be ready for market launch. Tapping into the expertise and knowledge they provided has proven invaluable, and we would be very supportive of programmes that facilitate this type of interaction in the future”. Sam Sinclair, Director MED Ltd.

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