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Client: Thermus Energy Ltd
Knowledge Provider: South Eastern Regional College
Sector: Renewables

Thermus Energy Ltd

The Thermus Energy Group is an up and coming group of companies within the UK energy sector.

Thermus Energy Thermus Energy Utilising the most viable, innovative and cutting edge technologies within the renewable, sustainable and conventional industries, Thermus Energy strives to deliver both capital and operational cost savings to their clients’ heating requirements. The Thermus Energy Group comprises Thermus Astar Limited and Thermusenergy Limited

About the Case

Thermus ASTAR directors approached SERC to research and consult on an existing non mechanical driven (no fan) air source heat pump to establish advantages and disadvantages on the operational abilities of the unit. SERC along with Professor Neil Hewitt, University of Ulster and other UUJ staff set about setting up the test site in SERC test facilities utilising the use of an innovation voucher to fully investigate the heat pump. The heat pump was fully data logged in performance terms and the information provided to ThermusEnergy. Other work conducted by SERC included staff training for the company and energy management consultation work. The heat pump design and research findings will now be the main focus for the energy company in providing low cost energy provision to major energy users.

About the Knowledge Provider

SERC is a top UK college and aims to be world class by 2020 and has been described as the ‘cutting edge’ college of the Northern Ireland Further Education sector. As part of this sector we are the delivery arm for government to ensure that the NI economy has the skills to grow, innovate and operate on a global platform. SERC has developed the multi award winning Environmental Skills Centre specialising in sustainable and renewable technology training and industry consultation. SERC enjoys strong contacts with both local universities and many global research centres and universities.

The Results

What was the outcome of the Knowledge Transfer Project, i.e. product/process development, cost savings, new skills developed? Please provide quotes from company where available.

The new company ThermusEnergy Ltd has now been established as a new UK business with an official launch. Professor Hewitt, UUJ and John Ross, SERC have been appointed to the company’s technical advisory working group, both remaining in direct contact with the group management. SERC is at present in position to provide energy management consultation on operational energy sites for the company on an ongoing basis.

Contact Details of Knowledge Provider:
Knowledge Provider Name SERC & UUJ

Contact Names John Ross SERC 07825835469
Professor Neil J Hewitt Director of CST Centre for Energy Research and Technology (NICERT) UUJ

Telephone number: 44 (0)28 9036 8566

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